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I would say welcome, but I'll amend it and say Welcome Back! Sorry to hear you had to have the thyroidectomy. I treated my hyperthroid with the radioiodine and it took almost 2 years to find the right dosage of levothroxine. I've only recently been cleared by my endocrinologist as being in the "normal" range, so I figured why not try and lose some weight, I knew it was pretty much a hopeless cause until my TSH levels were normal. I'm not one of those people who gain my sense of self worth from my looks or my weight. I've always been a bigger person, and honestly, being fat didn't/doesn't bother me. I am who I am, big or little I'm going to be the same person, and I LIKE who I am. I started my journey because, simply stated, I'm just not healthy. And if I can fix that, then I'll be an even better person than I already am (there is no vanity in my house, I have it all )

You said that you're all over the charts with your meds and TSH levels....what meds does your doctor have you on? I tried the generics for about a year and had to switch to the name brand. The generic just didn't work for me. Having a leeway of 12% in strength just didn't work. I may have to spend a little bit more a month for the name brand drug, but I know that I'm getting the correct dose. And even after switching to the named it took almost 8 months to get my levels normal. It's just one option to talk to your doctor about.

Good luck on your journey. Jump straight into the discussions and make yourself at home.

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