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Originally Posted by mommywrites View Post
Good call on the glycemic index, my doctor just suggested using that to help me make better eating decisions. However no one addressed the "how do you eat" part.... Is it best to just to eat 3 meals or include snacks? A time when to stop eating for the night?
My opinion on this is yes, make sure you have your 3 meals a day AND include healthy snacks. I believe breakfast is very important. Studies have shown that it gears up your metabolism and also helps you eat less throughout the day. A breakfast with good protein is suggested. I believe low fat yogurt cannot be beat. Check out the forum tags for "breakfast".

Snacks should always be healthy. Snacks are good because they help keep your metabolism going. Lots of "healthly snacks" are already suggested in our forum tags.

Some people say don't eat after a certain time of night. I always have popcorn (air popped) every night an hour or two before bedtime. It helps me not go to bed hungry and is very healthy. I never put a strict limit on when to stop eating for the day, because it never works out time-wise, although I do avoid eating anything heavy too close to bedtime. I'll eat a snack if I'm a bit hungry so I'll never go to bed hungry, which is the worst.

Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions

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