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While I am not in the same geographic region or age demographic as you, I too have a non-functioning thyroid. I was diagnosed with Graves disease almost 4 years ago. Technically speaking, Graves disease is a hyperactive thyroid, but I opted for the radio-iodine treatment to effectively "kill" my thyroid. So in a round about way it puts us in the same boat. I too am on a lifetime of synthetic thyroid hormone medications. It's taken almost 2 years to get my dosage where it should be, and during that time frame I gained almost 30 lbs. And that's on top of being overweight to start with. It takes a little more time and a whole lot of work to get the weight off, but it's happening. I just have to be extra diligent in what I'm eating versus what I'm burning.

Even though I'm not exactly what you're looking for in a friend or kindred spirit, we still have at least that in common. Good luck to you, and I'm around if you'd like to chat. It's actually nice to find someone who shares at least some of what I'm going through, makes me realize that I'm not alone

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