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Originally Posted by mandab1 View Post
I am a coffee drinker, and I just discovered I have a problem.

A few days last week I started getting horrible headaches. It's was the worst headache pain I've ever experienced in my lifetime, and I'm usually not one to get headaches. I skipped on exercise and daily chores to lie on the couch with my eyes closed hoping the pain would go away. I took tylenol and other over the counter meds but nothing helped! FINALLY, I noticed I was only getting headaches on the days I opted for herbal tea instead of coffee, so I made a cup of coffee, drank it, and within a few mins my headache was gone... then it hit me, I'm addicted to caffeine. I don't want to have to drink coffee every morning so, I'm trying to figure out how I can get over this without having to get these terrible headaches. I thought about starting to "cut" my coffee with a little decaf and increasing the amount of decaf as time goes on.
What do you think? Any other suggestions? Help please!

Thanks for bringing up this thread, indeed i wanted to talk abt lately too
I have tried giving up coffee during my pregnancy , it did bring me a whole week bad headache ..later it just stopped so i was without a coffee for whole year .. but i used to crave for hot choclate which was even worse than this ..
Recently i have picked up coffee addiction again, even a day without it could actually ruin my whole day of fitness routine ..
I have decided not give it up .. coz i read somewhere , coffee actually boasts up your metabolism .. whether its good or bad , it just feels good holding cup of coffee in the morning enjoying in your couch ..
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