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Good for you, Linda! That's the way to be!

I was diagnosed with diabetes two weeks ago--after 32 years of hypoglycemia (controlled with Atkins & Nutrilite Double X multi-vitamin, -mineral). I, too, had a short pity party. The truth is, though, that I was told I'd have 7-10 years of being hypoglcycemic before I became diabetic. As it turned out, I was able to stretch that to 32 years. Yay!

Still, it's depressing and my doctor told me I would no longer be able to control my blood sugar with diet. That doesn't mean that I have stopped Atkins. Like Christine, I have weighed and measured my food for years (since 1978). I have used several versions of fitday and like it the best--though I still keep a paper journal from time to time.

Sometimes I'm better than others...I have gotten careless with carbs once in a while, but have always been able to use Atkins to get the weight back under control. I have 25 lbs to go to my goal weight--hopefully, the metformin combined with Atkins will be enough to do it.

The reason that I went to the doctor about diabetes was that I was gaining weight on a 1300 cal/day, 25 carb/day diet. I gained 14 lbs in about 2 months. It was scary, and I knew that I was overtime for becoming diabetic. I just keep telling myself that I made it an extra 25 doesn't help a lot, but it does keep me grounded to reality.

My cousin's hypoglycemia went into diabetes within 3 years of diagnosis (at the age of 25), my aunt's went into diabetes within 10 years of diagnosis (at the age of 28). Neither of them watched their carbs or even attempted to follow a healthy lifestyle (food or exercise). I watched my food intake and exercised until the last year--when I had foot surgery and was sidelined.
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