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Hi Guys, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

I too have a profound love for beer. This has been the most challenging part of my weight loss is to curb the beer. I can count the number of beers I have since my weight loss program on one hand. They all have been Guinness though! Love the stuff! When I do drink these days it usually is two glasses of wine over dinner, or Vodka and Club Soda when I am out with the boys. When I hit my goal weight I fully intend on bellying up to my local brew pub and getting stewed!

I plateaued for a two week period and I almost lost the desire to keep going. Not one pound lost in two weeks and I was pissed! I started doing some circuit training along with my cardio and the pounds started coming off in chunks. I do them at home with a couple of products I bought off of infomercials. Actually they are knock offs of infomercial products but man they are effective.

I also started taking a "fat burner" before every workout. Does the stuff burn fat? Nope... But what it does do is give you a smooth blast of energy that allows me to do cardio seemingly forever. It actually is good stuff.

Keep it up guys and lets be thin again!!
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