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Originally Posted by Armorel View Post
I did my usual half hour brisk walk before breakfast. Being only 5ft tall and fairly stocky build, walking at 4mph is very hard for me given my short step. So I just walk fast enough to get out of breath, steam up my specs and feel my fingers and toes warm.

I do about 2km (my pedometer is only calibrated in km not miles) but a good half of that is going uphill, not steeply but steadily. I'll do the same walk this evening before dinner.

My chiropractor advised me against running, given my history of back and knee problems but, maybe when I get stronger and fitter, I might try adding in a hundred metre jog every now and again to see how it goes.

Not a nice morning though - grey, windy, chilly and drizzling
Just wanted to throw some encouragement your way. I started a quick 45 minute walk every night back in September, then in the middle of October i started to add some running.

The first time i ran i made it about 100 yards and that was it. The next day i was sore also.

Today i ran for 7 minutes then walked for 100 yards then ran 3 more minutes again on an uphill grade for the second part. The overall run was 1.8 km with the first run non-stop was 1.1 kim before i walked.

No way i thought in my lifetime i would run that but here i am!! Take it easy and one step at a time and it can all happen!! Best of luck
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