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Hi Linda,

I'm a type 1 diabetic, diagnosed 15 years ago at age 30, on an insulin pump and CGM (continuous glucose monitor). While I realize that T1 and T2 are entirely different conditions, the *goal* in managing our condition is still the same -- to normalize BGs as best as we can. I've been weighing and measuring and logging my food into Fitday since Good Friday 2004, and have only missed a handful of days. I don't have weight to lose (some would say I'm underweight, but I don't agree; I'm currently 89.2 lbs at 5'3" and would like to be a bit lower, but that's my eating-disordered history coming into play), but consistently weigh, measure and log my food to be certain that I'm looking at my food in as accurate a manner as possible. Since my insulin doses are inherently linked to my carbohydrate intake (and my protein intake; with T1 we often do have to dose insulin for protein eaten, as 50 to 55 percent of protein breaks down into glucose after several hours -- if I eat three or more oz of protein, I need to properly calculate that as part of my meal bolus), I need to know EXACTLY how much carbohydrate I'm consuming, to the gram or tenth of an ounce (and that includes veggies, as I tend to eat close to a pound of veggies per day over two to three meals). Diabetes is a full-time job; I admit that having never lived the life of a T2, I don't know *how much* of a FT job it is, but T1, with the precision of counting, calculating, weighing measuring, determining proper bolus dosing, do I need a correction WITH this meal dose, properly dealing with lows (my biggest diabetes achilles' heel; I'm hyper-insulin-sensitive and hypoglycemic-unaware, which means that I get no symptoms of low BGs until I'm well into danger territory and have fallen unconscious for long periods of time due to lows more times than I care to admit -- I live alone, and if I'm home alone on a night or weekend, I have to be *so* diligent with testing; the CGM does help a great deal and I am so grateful to have it and to have my insurance cover it and the sensors), and all the rest -- it's WORK. What sort of diet are you following? Are you eating a reduced-carb diet? I tend to get most of my carbs from veggies, and eat ~105-ish grams per day, and I'm very carb-aware and carb-selective.

Again, welcome. It's good to have you here!

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