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Originally Posted by DeathArrow View Post
I have a question. How can you guys survive on so FEW carbs???
Seriously, I thought the Atkins diet was not a good diet because once you get off it, you gain it all back (at least what I have heard)'s not healthy because your body isn't meant to live off so few carbs (again, what I have heard).
So how can you guys say you actually like it? What exactly are you guys eating? Lol
I want to lose about 20-30 pounds, and I've been going slowly after my own just-eating-healthy diet...and this Atkins diet seems way too much of a quick fix, and to make it worse, it seems like you guys are saying it's EASY. Too good to be true guys, Hahaha, so just tell me..what are you guys eating? How long do you plan to do it? Is it really a healthy approach to weight loss?
Even so, I still wouldn't do it because that would involve telling my dad to buy Atkins stuff and he's just gonna be like "why why why"
Well mine is different than Atkins. Right now i am actually on Dave Palumbos cut diet for women. Its strictly clean eating. No premade bars or products. It work to keep you building muscle while shedding fat. Im used to it since i been doing mostly low carb(with cheat periods) for a couple years now. As for the body not bieng meant to live off so few carbs i beg to differ. We did it for thousands of years before they invented all the carbs we ingest. We lived off fat and protein with some carbs from plant sources. We were NOT meant to eat the processed crap we toss into the chutes these days. Since im female my diet is different than a males. But here is what a day looks like for me. No special packaged diet foods in it.
meal 1: 2 whole eggs + 6 whites
Meal 2: 35 g whey protein + 1 tbsp NATURAL(nothing but peanuts) peanut butter
Meal 3: 6 oz chicken with 1/4 cup almonds,walnuts or almonds
Meal 4: 6 oz salmon or red meat with a green salad(no red veggies or corn) and 1 tbsp of olive oil
Meal 5: 35 g whey with 1 tbsp natural pb or 2 whole eggs and 6 whites.

Now keep in mind this is a cut diet so it isnt really meant for maintenance. Its a precontest diet for bodybuilders but alot of people also use it to drop a few quick ones. But ketogenic is meant for a longer stretch. There are 2 versions of keto. After the initial 2 week phase that gets you into keto you either carb up one whole day a week or you carb up one meal daily, usually before you workout. Google it to read more or go to the forums on Good luck.
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