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Originally Posted by Fit4meee View Post
I don't do much walking/running and I decided to go for a longish one yesterday. Being the overenthusiastic girl that I am, I wanted to end it with a run... Needless to say, my shins were a bundle of pain today! Ain't gonna be walking far for a few days hehe. Had to opt for a session of cycling and swimming at the gym instead. Oh well, you live and you learn!
Oooops on the over do - but you get big props for the attempt. I hope you get back to walking soon. I still think it is the best exercise out there. I run mostly because I am fundamentally impatient .

Originally Posted by Armorel View Post
I did my usual half hour brisk walk before breakfast. Being only 5ft tall and fairly stocky build, walking at 4mph is very hard for me given my short step. So I just walk fast enough to get out of breath, steam up my specs and feel my fingers and toes warm.

I do about 2km (my pedometer is only calibrated in km not miles) but a good half of that is going uphill, not steeply but steadily. I'll do the same walk this evening before dinner.

My chiropractor advised me against running, given my history of back and knee problems but, maybe when I get stronger and fitter, I might try adding in a hundred metre jog every now and again to see how it goes.

Not a nice morning though - grey, windy, chilly and drizzling
Good job Armorel! I hear you about short legs and trying to get to 4 mph, but it sound like you really pushed the effort! Keep us posted on the progress.
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