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Default I need to lose the remaining 7 pounds...

Hi everyone, I just join this site and hope that I can find some tips to stop my Yo Yo diet. I was down to my ideal weight for a few weeks now but recently I have been eating late at night. I just cannot stop my cravings. During my weight lost period, I was following a 3 weeks diet plan. I was strict with my diet but now I am eating everything under the sun . Especially at night. I am very much in control in the day time. When the sun sets, I start eating. I usually is able to only eat up to 500 calories until 7pm. Then I will start eating junk food and stuff that I don't even eat normally. I don't know what is wrong with me and in order to stop my cravings, I try to put my focus on my blog at night.
On my blog, I like to post some good recipes and exercises routine that can inspire me and others. I would appreciate any comments or suggestions. I really need to be back on track.
My health blog: I learn my way to lower my cholesterol.
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