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I have a question. How can you guys survive on so FEW carbs???
Seriously, I thought the Atkins diet was not a good diet because once you get off it, you gain it all back (at least what I have heard)'s not healthy because your body isn't meant to live off so few carbs (again, what I have heard).
So how can you guys say you actually like it? What exactly are you guys eating? Lol
I want to lose about 20-30 pounds, and I've been going slowly after my own just-eating-healthy diet...and this Atkins diet seems way too much of a quick fix, and to make it worse, it seems like you guys are saying it's EASY. Too good to be true guys, Hahaha, so just tell me..what are you guys eating? How long do you plan to do it? Is it really a healthy approach to weight loss?
Even so, I still wouldn't do it because that would involve telling my dad to buy Atkins stuff and he's just gonna be like "why why why"
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