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Originally Posted by clustro View Post

Restarting (for the last time...!) a weight loss program.

The software says, based on my lifestyle, I should be eating ~3000 cal/day.

It says, to meet my weight loss goal, I should cut back by 800 cal/day.

Now, I'm burning 900 cal/day in exercise though. Does this mean I should eat 3000 a cal/day, and consider the exercise burning my "calorie restriction", or should I restrict my diet to 2200 calories, AND do the exercise as well?


No. Count the exercise as a bonus. On WW, we could add a point (of food) for each hour we exercised, but I found that it was better to 'bank' those points and use them for special occasions--really special occasions, not just your team winning a football game. You won't keep the weight off unless you make a lifestyle change. If you don't learn how to eat better, the weight will come back on--exercise or not. Maybe not now (I don't know how old you are), but exercise may not last a lifetime--better eating habits CAN.
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