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if the software you are referring to is fitday, i believe it says to maintain your current weight, you would have to eat 3000 lose weight you take in less calories that your body burns (ie 3000). With your projected goal, it says to restrict caloric intake by 800 a day, so your daily intake should be 2200 calories a day.....on the days that you do exercise you could eat those calories like you spoke about and still lose weight or to lose faster you can still restrict diet to 2200 and the extra 900 calories will go to weight loss. Depends on the day sometimes i eat the extra calories; somedays i don't, and then somedays if i exercise for 900 calories, i might eat only half of them depends on how i feel or how hungry i am. Also remember as you lose your daily calorie consumption will lower, so you will have to adjust your target caloric intake. I started out at @4000 calories a day, now down to 2700 range, but i still have about 100 or so pounds to go.
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