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Default How much protein should a person get?

Atkins says to calculate protein by height, not weight. A woman 5'5" (like me) should get 73-152 grams of protein per day. I thought I was doing well at about 50, but I had stopped losing. I looked this up yesterday for a co-worker, who is also 6' tall. We were amazed to see that he needed 89-186 grams of protein a day--he, too, thought he was doing well at 50. Both of us have noticed an increase in energy with an increase in protein.

73-152 grams of protein is about 16 ounces per day.
89-186 grams of protein is about 20 ounces per day.

I changed my serving sizes just a little--4 ounces of turkey at two meals and a few eggs during the day get me to the correct range. (I had been doing 2 oz servings of meat for some strange reason.) Protein shakes and bars can help, too--without adding extra sugar (carbs).
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