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I think you've got a really good base to work from here. The custom foods can be a bit of a pain to create, but if you aren't concerned about fat/carbs/protein you can enter just the calories. Can always edit it later. Custom foods are very handy once they've been created. I eat a lot of the same things day to day too, I hit the "view my recent foods" link to the left and check off everything Ive eaten that day, hit "add all checked' and fill in the blanks. Bananas are an excellent food, full of vitamins, but as fruits go it's one of the higher ones in calorie content. You could easily switch out the 2nd banana for a different fruit and 2 or 3 servings of raw veggies. Baby carrots, celery sticks, grape tomatoes are all very easy to grab n run. I love fresh spinach, it comes in a bag, will eat that instead of lettuce on sandwiches, salads, or nuke it in a bowl with a splash of water 3 minutes, covered with a paper plate, dash of vinegar or lemon juice-absolutely awesome for next to no calories. You may want to add a multivitamin if you just can't do the veggies, because you may be a little deficient right now. There's a lot more to veggies than just vitamins though. Still, I think you're doing better than most kids your age, so keep it up!
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