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Default 1/6 month rules:

All right. Lets get this party started for real

These are specific rules for 1st month of my 1stFitChallenge:

1. work out every single day! - most important
2. if I dont have time/energy/etc for #1 - than at least make stretching or walk or do any activity at all
3. work out only for 5'+Warm Up- first two weeks and 10'+WU for next three weeks
4. report every training at fitday and make weekly summaries
5. measure waist weekly
6. dont expect any results whatsoever - just enjoy

Just do it
My 1st fit challenge: started at 01.December.2011
ended: 31.MAY.2012

I will take some rest now sir. Ok Dobby. But I will be back (I think). Ok Dobby
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