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Hi Radyckle,

My 2 cents: Burning fat requires that you stay aerobic, not go anaerobic. If you get your pulse way up, your body burning blood glucose to keep up with the immediate energy need. To burn fat, keep your pulse around 120-130, and your body will convert fat and use it as fuel. This makes sense evolutionarily if you think about it. The body wants to keep the sugar stores cocked and ready in case you need to chase or run away from something or somebody. You'll burn just about as many calories per hour doing this, and you'll also be able to last much much longer, for a total calorie burn that can be much higher. i.e. an hour of low intensity fat burning vs. half hour high intensity burnout.

Another thing I'd note is that you I think you need to get your protein intake way up for a frame as big as yours. If you continue lifting, you should probably be closer to 200 grams of protein a day.

Totally agree with Vito that more fiber is in order too. With carbs that low you can't get the fiber you need to keep the gut healthy. I'd up fiber loaded carbs significantly.

All the best,
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