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I do a diet similar to atkins but with different macro levels. Its the ketogenic diet. 65% fat 30% protein and 5% carb. It wasnt too much of a leap for me since i was already doing low carb. What was hard was trying to eat all that fat. Some people use it in an atkins similar fashion, but with heart disease in my family i tend to eat healthier fats. Whole egg omelets are my biggest sin. I eat avocados and nuts for my fats and stick to chicken, tuna or lean beef for my protein. Caloric limitations still apply but youd be amazed how full you can feel on this diet.But i feel more satisfied and still get great results in the gym. Its a long scientific process but basically it forces your body to use fat as its source of fuel instead of carbs. You can check it out on the forums under Nutrition.

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