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Deatharrow: I tend to put on more fat when I eat too many starchy carbs (bread, cereal, "energy" bars). I also haven't made much progress when I didn't track my food intake, whether that be using fitday or just writing down everything that I ate. Once you get used to it, it gets easier.

One thing that helps me in the veggie dept. is to cut up celery, carrots and broccoli and keep them in a ziplock bag in the frig. It does take work initially, but then they are handy later when I'm rushed. For fruit, you can't beat the convenience of apples In a pinch I use unsweetened apple sauce in the pre-packaged individual servings. Light mozzarella cheesesticks are a handy protein when you're on the go as well as yogurt. I'd recommend you build your nutrition around the fruits, veggies, lean proteins and then add the whole grains. Kashi go lean is great. I save puddings, granola bars, etc. for occasional snacking.
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