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Hi!! i'm glad too! :-)

it's been one yaer that i'm raw-foodist/fruitarian and it's...wonderfull!

I suggest to you to buy anne osborne's book "Fruitarianis. The path to paradise"

here the site:

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food combining are simply:

-eat fruits far from meals
-don't mix sweet fruits with acid fruits

-don't mix starchy with proteins, sugars and acids
-don't mix proteins with starchy, sugars and acids
-don't mix fats with proteins, sugars and acids

Avocado is a fat, but is an exeption and can be mixed with acid like lemon or lime.If you eat avocado, don't add another kind of fat like oil or similar. Only one kind a time.

If eat proteins, only one kind a time.
If eat starchy, only one kind a time.

-Don't use vinegar, but lemon if you want an acid taste
-leave salt and sugar

-Don't drink in a meal, but if you want half an hour before, or 3 hours later.

That could be happen only if the person is really full of mucus and toxins. In my experience nothing like that happened. My teeth are very strong.

I hope to give you some support, but if you have other question, ask me :-)

See you

marco g l

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