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Thanks efduncan.

I believe part of the reason for my plateau is my workout. I'm building muscle and doing cardio at the same time. I am definitely getting leaner but the scale isn't cooperating lol.
Basically my workout is to focus on keeping my heart rate at 136-156bpm for the entire 45 minutes.
  • 5 min warm up on the tread mill 3.5mph
  • 1.5m 4.5mph jog .5m 7mph
  • core: 20 situps 20 leg lifts 20 side lifts
  • 2m on elliptical
  • chest: 15 bench presses, 15 dumbbell presses, 15 butterflies
  • 2m on bike
  • Back:15 back press, 15 pull downs, 15 laterals
  • 2m on treadmill
  • Shoulders: 15 mp, 15 laterals, 15 dumbbell mp
  • 2m on elliptical
  • Arms: 15 dumbbell curls, 15 barbell curls, 15 triceps machine, 15 rope pull downs
  • 5m cool down on bike
I do that workout without taking a break between sets other than to setup the weights. I'm thinking maybe I should cut out the weights and focus on 20m of cardio every day. Any thoughts?

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