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I've found that sometimes the craving is all in my head... so I do two things.

1: Brush my teeth. It fills my mouth with a strong minty flavor, and who wants to eat something with THAT taste already in your mouth? If I'm not hungry, and it's just a craving for something sweet, this combined with #2 usually does the trick for me.

2: WALK AWAY. If you have chocolate or sweets in your house, make sure you are nowhere NEAR that room, especially when you're craving (it might be smart to go throw them out later once your craving is under control). Once you're in a different room, with your mouth minty fresh, busy your mind with something. Even if it's just a TV show you saw yesterday, or a funny joke you heard, think of SOMETHING ELSE (I usually read a chapter in my favorite book at this time).

Note that once in a while (like once a week), it's good to treat yourself if you were good all week. For example, I like to go to Wawa and get myself a Little Debbie brownie/cake every Sunday, but only if I obeyed my diet all week. Little Debbie's I've found are much healthier for you than Tastykake's, ect.

Hope this helps.
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