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Originally Posted by dear_abby View Post
Last week I put one in the oven for a nice long time while we were baking chicken breasts for dinner, then, I cubed it up , tossed it with finely chopped red onions,

the next day (when it was all cool) I added cucumbers, lovely yellow grape tomatoes, and peanuts, tossed on a little home made balsamic vinegrette (very little oil), and served over fresh spinach for lunch - it was amazing!

For reasons that aren't clear, I let one sit on the counter too long, and it sprouted, it looked like a cute baby seal, so I kept watching it grow, it's in the basement now, and I plan to plant it in spring.


Abby the salad sounds wonderful. I'm printing it out to try later this week.

We had mashed baked sweet potatos with jalapeno peppers, just enough to give it a little kick w/o being hot. I was a great taste combinition!
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