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Default Zero tolerance

Wow! I have to admit itís so good to hear that you have all had the addiction BUT that you have overcome it. Iím afraid that mine is so bad I am not even eating fruits (all but green apples on a limited basis) and definitely NO artificial sweeteners for me the aspartame is a carcinogen and gives me such bad headaches. I am also wishing, hoping and dreaming that I will no longer crave the sugar (it is mind over matter) but Iím not their yet. As I mentioned in my first post, I use maple syrup (only on a limited basis) and Iím almost worried that Iím going to over use it! Itís so nice to have a supportive family that doesnít rub the candy bars and cookies in front of your face-but when idle itís instantaneous for the mind to persuade you go get something sweet and gorge!!! Ah, I hate to even write that Iím not strong enough to get over or control my urges. I love the Wertherís idea-but again, itís scary because if Iím given an inch Iíll take a mile. Yes, I think zero tolerance is the way to go. Like alcohol addiction itís stay dry right? Are we really in that same category?
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