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Originally Posted by littlelenna View Post
I have the same problem. I have found that if I just have a small amount I can be satisfied. For instance, I bought some jelly beans. The ones that I bought are 5 calories each. So, if I eat 10 jelly beans, I am only out 50 calories. If I suck on them and let them melt in my mouth, I am completely satisfied. I pack 10 in my lunch each day and eat them in the late afternoon when the craving hits. If I can do it, I KNOW YOU CAN! I used to eat 2 candy bars a day, sometimes 3.

20 down and 40 to go.
I've done this with sugar-free Lifesavers, chocolate kisses and M&M's. Sometimes when that craving hits me really hard I let myself have one single bite. Just one, let it melt in my mouth and viola' craving gone or quieted a little anyway. I used to think that I couldn't let myself have a bite, because then the dam would completely burst and I would gobble up maybe 1,500 calories before I regained control, but I'm over that now. Just one single bite, that's all it takes to shoo the craving completely away.
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