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Default Uses

* 1 Add to savory food. Nutritional yeast goes with almost every type of savory food. As you experiment with nutritional yeast, use it as a condiment, sprinkling it on after you cook the dish. As you become familiar with its taste, begin incorporating it into recipes.

* 2 Sprinkle on popcorn. Nutritional yeast, especially in powder form, is delicious on popcorn and is a great way to get your daily B-12 requirement!

* 3 Stir into soups, sauces and gravies. Nutritional yeast is a natural with any sort of savory liquid. It breaks down well when heated and creates a deliciously cheesy taste. Add to your favorite recipes.

* 4 Bake with nutritional yeast. Add one tablespoon to cup nutritional yeast to your favorite savory baked good. You may need to increase the liquid-but only slightly

* 5 Make faux cheese. "The Uncheese Cookbook" by Joanne Stepaniak provides hundreds of vegan recipes that replicate dairy cheeses, and other vegan cheese recipes can be found online.

* 6 Make a "parmesan" topping. A quick and delicious topping for pizza and pasta can be made by blending equal parts blanched almonds and nutritional yeast until fine. Add salt to taste. Refrigerate for up to a month.

* 7 Share with your cats! Most cats enjoy nutritional yeast, so try sprinkling it on your cats' food or put a teaspoon on a plate for them to sample. It's a healthy feline snack full of nutrients.
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