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A sugar binge derailed my weight loss back in '01. Not going to happen this time. I have taken a Zero Tolerance stance on candy, dessert items, baked goods and the like. I just simply refuse them. I also limit simple sugars in my food as much as possible but it's really the sweets that set me off. I recall too well those pint of Ben and Jerry's followed by a few candy bars sugar highs. That pulse pounding, blood rushing feeling was good and bad--sort of like I imagine a shot of Heroin might be.

Anyway, for me, all that stuff is best avoided.

47 M 5'8"

May 4, 2010...... 440? lbs. (Start FitDay Size 60 Jeans)
June 19, 2010.... 393 lbs. (First Weigh-in)
June 19, 2011.... 229 lbs. (164 lbs. gone in one year :-)
Current Weight... 185 lbs. (Size 36 Jeans)

Next Goal 169 lbs. (07/04/12)
Ultimate Goal 165 lbs. (12/31/12)

The best exercises for weight loss are Fork Putdowns and Table Pushaways.

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