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Originally Posted by RunbikeSki View Post
I blame the stuffing every year! I don't want to eat it, but it sits there tempting me with it's savory, carb loaded goodness
It's sooo hard to resist!

Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
I agree, turkeys get a bad rap. It's not fair. If someone really stinks at something right away they're made out to be a "turkey". And their cousin, the chicken, gets a bad rap as well. To be called a "chicken" is not a good thing.

To everybody that puts them down I flip the bird.
I love it, flip 'em the bird!!!

Originally Posted by taubele View Post
So many foods contain tryptophan that it's not even funny, anyway. PLUS, tryptophan will really only get absorbed in any appreciable amount in your brain if taken on an empty stomach.... and eating turkey kind of disqualifies that The amount you take in during thanksgiving is negligible.

It's totally the carb-crash and overstuffing yourself which makes you sleepy - a full stomach draws blood away from your brain and limbs and makes you drowsy.

Don't blame the healthiest thing on your plate!!!
Terri, you are so smart, and so right.
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