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I can tell you what I did, because I know my trigger foods and figured out how to make it easier for myself. It sounds like you have definitely identified some foods that trigger a loss of control, so you might want to cut those out altogether.

What I did: cut out all carbs, pretty much (well, not counting fruits and vegetables, since there are carbohydrates in nearly everything). No flour at all, no rice or oats, also no potatoes. No sugar or sweeteners or honey. This just made it simpler for me - my cravings stopped, I regained self-control, and the weight started coming off.

It's kind of like a modified South Beach Diet Phase 1. Or 2. (SB phase 1 has no fruit, even; phase 2 allows fruit and "good carbs" like whole grain, which still triggers me, so I don't eat it).

I have lost 13 kg / 28.6 lbs in the last 2 1/2 months. The only additional things I did was some exercise (twice a week, but irregularly) and allowing myself to feel hunger before I would eat (rather than just eating and not letting my body signal hunger).

I hope you figure out which foods make it harder for you to control your eating, and I reccomend you try doing without them.

good luck!
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