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Oh, all the conflicting reports of caffeine (coffee, rather) on the body drive me absolutely crazy sometimes. I definitely recognize it as a drug, I absolutely get a very happy high off of it for an hour or so in the morning, but luckily, if I plan out the rest of the day well with what I eat next or get some activity, I don't suffer any noticeable crash. However I don't know exactly what its doing to my hormones, so the cortisol thing worries me.

I don't plan on giving up coffee- I enjoy the taste, the feeling it gives me, the energy, and just the simple pleasure of drinking it in the morning over lots of news-browsing. I think if its not taken with excessive sugar and fat, its overall a pretty healthy drink and there are many claims to support this.

The extra cortisol spike in times of stress claim does seem to make sense though, I think I'll be very conscious of that in the future when I feel stressed...
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