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Originally Posted by Fit4meee View Post
So I've noticed that I'm consistently low on calcium and I was wondering if you have some advice on getting my 100%! (I don't like milk/soy/tofu )

I get most of my calcium by eating 12 ounces of low fat yogurt every day. There are studies that show that eating yogurt for breakfast is a great way to lose weight/maintain weight loss. Plus it's just a really healthy food.

What I don't get in my diet, I take a calcium supplement every day. Calcium Citrate, which is very bioavailable. Calcium is better absorbed when it's combined with Vitamin D, so look for them together.

By taking a supplement you're not overdoing the dairy products, which I have read can cause congestion, plus they are just added calories.

Studies are inconclusive, but there appears to be a correlation between calcium and weight loss. So definitely get your calcium, and don't be afraid to take a little more than the RDA. But too much can be bad, just like overdoing anything.

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