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Way to go ladies!!!! 13 side planks? Wow I'm so jealous. I can do about 1 1/2 and then I need some aspirin. I can't even imagine touching my head to my knee cap, my boobs always get in the way. But maybe someday...

I had some firsts this week too. I bought some t-shirts in size medium. Okay they were men's shirts and they are still tighter than I usually wear them, but I can get them on and wear them in public without popping open the seams and getting myself arrested.

I also caught a guy checking out my behind? I catch guys all the time looking at my chest. I'm well endowed and it is what it is. But never once in all my days have I caught anyone checking out my fanny. I weigh nearly 200 pound, I'm clearly a fat girl. So the next time I'm near a mirror I give it a look just to see what there is to see. And guess what? All those many miles on the elliptical are um, starting to pay off. It's still a wide load to be sure, but sporting just a hint of booty-licious. Whoooo hoooooo!!
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