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i am 6'-1" tall and have a 36" waist with a little help from a belt. I started out real slow with lifting and cardio due to a l5 disc issue. I was about 254 back in feb and now i am at 206.6. I was just dieiting measuring my portions and working out portions but once I got down in the 200"s i decided to up the anty and bump up my protein intake. This week i was on vaca and decided to push the weights and up the protein. My body fat % is between 10-15% at this point. I just wanted to get healthy for my family. But during the process i ralized how much I enjoy lifting and working out. My goal now is to get a 6 pack for next summer . i just want to be sure that I am not overdoing it and wasting valuable protein or actuially adding weight by getting to much protein.
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