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Your fine, maybe a little on the high side for an hour workout a day, but fine in any case. What really matters is your lean body mass, not your overall body weight, since people can vary widely on how much lifting they've done. You should be eating at least 1 gram of protein per pound of LBM per day in any workout regimen, 1.5 g if your lifting pretty hard, and all the way up to 2 g or more if your a full on body builder (3 hours a day in the gym type).

I dont know how lean or tall you are, but most regular guys at 5' 10" and your weight might be 25-30% body fat if you don't have a history of heavy lifting. So this would translate to 145 to 155 lbs LBM. So you'd want to be eating right around 220 grams at 1.5x if your hitting the weights fairly hard.

To your point about advertising, very true, don't get caught up like lots of guys do thinking eating more protein builds more muscle, the work does that, not the food, 200-220 is plenty for an hour workout.
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