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Hi Mia, you could be telling my story. I have always been a little overweight (10 to 15 lbs more than I wanted) and have lost and gained more times than I can count. Snacking at night is my worst habit and once I blew it on weekends I would throw in the towel and go whole hog. Then I found the quote that is in my signature and I try to live by that and forgive myself and move on from the slipups.

A couple things. First, just losing weight is not enough to make you a happy person. Sure, it will help, but you may also need to take a look at other things that stress you and / or things that made you eat in the first place. If your depression is chronic you might want to talk to your doctor and/or a therapist. That is another way you can take care of yourself.

Second, keep in mind that you have taken the first step here. That's a really good thing! Also, logging everything in FitDay helps decrease snacking, knowing you have to put it in. You probably should snack after a workout, but make it something healthy. I usually try to go for some protein (yogurt, cheese) or sometimes fruit...a cold orange is one of my fave post-workout snacks, depending on how my food is balancing out for the day.

Finally, this is also a good place to get it out. A lot of us eat for emotional reasons and for me personally, if I'm on here posting, I'm NOT EATING . So don't worry about a post being too long or a downer or whatever. That's what this is for. There is a thread on ways to cope with emotional eating in the Women's Support Corner that might be helpful.

One step at a time.

And now that you don't have to be perfect, you can be good.
-John Steinbeck

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