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Originally Posted by kag123 View Post
Is this high carb count going to hinder my weight loss even though they are from "good" foods???
Absolutely not. Like you say they are coming from clean foods and besides, 100 grams is not all that much. I've been working out a lot with cardio and I would be dying if my carbs were that low. Are you exercising? I'm not that much concerned with carbs since I'm eating clean, but I still try to keep them around 50% or a little less, but if I get upwards of close to 60% (upwards of 280 grams) some days I don't panic. People tend to go overboard with "low carb" and I've read things about the dangers of too low of carbs.

The main thing is to watch calories in versus out. There's a lot of other tricks, but 100 grams of carbs is NOT going to hurt.

Does it look like higher carbs has hurt my weight loss?

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