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Congratulations on your progress in flexibility, Lizzie! Stretching is so good for us and I usually don't think about it unless I'm tight, so it's something I need to incorporate into my workouts on a more consistent basis. Thanks for the reminder!

I also like the thread topic you choose! Sometimes it's easy to overlook "firsts" or personal bests as we strive to improve our fitness or make more healthy choices. And we need to celebrate small and large victories.

So I'm celebrating

Today I did not want to work out. But...since I was at the gym and didn't work out yesterday, I took the body out on the floor and hoped the mind would follow. I tried an exercise I haven't attempted in at least 4 years because I sucked at it. For those of you that spend a lot of time at the gym, its a diagonal chin up using the smith machine bar set at waist level. My fantasy is to be able to do real chin ups, and I haven't reached that goal yet. This exercise is kind of like training wheels for chin-up wannabees. Well this time I didn't suck and completed 3 sets of eight. Glad I stepped out of my comfort zone.
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