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Originally Posted by wildbeanerz View Post
I wish it had nutritional value on it but it doesn't. Kind of like buying something homemade at a bake sale. It lists the ingredients and that is all. I may ask the girl who made it though. She usually has some idea of the value of the foods she prepares. This is a loose granola, not formed into bars.
Well, let your taste buds be the investigator then as well. Does it taste really sweet? Or is the sweetness not noticable? How does the sweetness compare to other loose granola you've had? I'd say if it passes the sweetness test you should be fine, but still eat it in moderation. If it tastes "really sweet" to you, then just ditch it.

Also to consider is the vegetable oil. I wasn't aware that it was "bad" until Pam mentioned it. I wouldn't be too concerned however since again, you're eating the granola in moderation.

Here's a link about vegetable oil that may help you decide:

Vegetable Oil: Why It Is Bad |

Although I'd still go with your storebought granola if it passes the sweetness test.

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