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Originally Posted by Thaddeusrex View Post

So finally to the survey. I do see many new posters here, who are also new to diet tracking saying they are eating 1200-1500 calories a day, and this concerns me. Personally, I think that's a formula for rebound and muscle loss, but I'm open to your thoughts.

I'm still going to be on the aggressive side, but will shoot for 2100 calories a day. I'll burn 4100 a day with exercise, so should net about 0.57 lb. loss per day. The math always works out spot on for me.

What are you all doing?


Hi Thaddeusrex, and welcome to Discussions.

I agree that for men 1200-1500 is just too low. All sources I've read warn against going below 1800. I ASSUME they are basing this number on an average height of 5'10" Human height - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I've upped my caloric intake with the more weight I've lost because I am now burning less fat for fuel. I started out around 1550-1600 per week (daily), then 1600-1700 per week (daily), and now I'm at 1750-1825 per week (daily). I'm thinking of increasing this to 1900 shortly to drop the last few, then increase that amount for maintenance. I am 5'6.2" tall. Since my height is below average, I figured I could get away from the clinically suggested "1800" calories.

I suppose there's one benefit to pushing the envelope and losing the weight fast. For me, I felt like my health was in danger by being 25-30 pounds overweight. I had been eating very poorly and was beginning to feel like total crap. The thing is, with my calorie goals which were a bit aggressive, I have not really hungered that much during this time. I've just been working my ass off at cardio, and making sure to take rests and eat more when my body tells me. It's about listening to your body as well as just hittin' the numbers.

I think you're wise to select 2100 and not go below this considering how aggressive your workouts will be. But the main thing is, listen to your body and if you're eating clean with nutrient dense foods, but always find yourself hungry, then EAT MORE.

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