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Originally Posted by macs417 View Post
Five years ago, I weighed and uncomfortable 192 pounds. I gave up my beloved Mt Dew and immediately lost 10 pounds. Over the next few years, I yo-yoed between 185 and 175. This past August, I weighed in at 184 before I started losing weight.

I currently weigh 163, and I can't seem to lose the last 15 pounds! If I could get down to 148, that would be awesome - but it almost seems unattainable! I'm ready for your input, so... fire away!
macs417, yes it sounds like we are in the same boat. I thought I'd never get into the 150's again since I had been many years in the 160 range. About 10 would be my best guess.

OK, here's my tips. Some of them are a bit controversial, but you asked me to "fire away" so I'm going to be honest.

- 8 hours sleep every night
- steady 1600-1800 calories daily average for the week, honestly tracked.
- no "cheat day" but a "cheat meal" once in a while, perhaps once a week. Still within calories and macros for the day.
- zig zag your calories daily! Use the calculator I referenced above.
- drink lots of green tea. Your own! And don't sweeten it with ANYTHING, except if you really need to, very light Stevia. Artificial sweeteners are just as bad as sugar.
- Eat breakfast. Make sure it's high protein. Low fat yogurt is a proven winner.
The Dairy Calcium in Yogurt Helps People Lose Belly
- Eat lots of fiber. I've been getting 40 grams a day, at least
- Take up eating popcorn (air popped) as one of your treats, every day in the evening. It makes everything so much smoother knowing you'll be having a treat later on in the day. Popcorn is a great source of fiber so it makes a great snack later in the evening. The other treat is honey roasted peanuts. Google and learn just how heathy peanuts are! And they really satisfy hunger.
- LOTS of water, of course. I own a water purifier, so there's no hidden artificial ingredients in there.
- Supplements for weight loss: Fish Oil (3-5 grams daily), Choline-Inositol. Pre workout I will also take a Capsicum Extract (a proven themorgenic) to help burn fat. Don't believe it works? Google it.
- Supplements for exercise cardio endurance: Creatine, L-Arginine, and Chromium nicotinate for post workouts (helps recovery). My cardio is alternating bicycling and run/walk/jogging.
- exercise as much as possible, preferably daily, but when your body is tired listen to it and take a day or two to rest and recuperate.
- Avoid alcohol but if you must, choose a low calorie beer, limit your wine, and only occasionally have a shot if you must.
- Macros are up to you. But I get around 48-25-27 weekly average (carb-fat-protein) even though I shoot for 45-25-30. As long as you are below 50% for carbs you'll be fine. You'll need the carbs for your intense cardio, and don't freak out if you have a week where your carbs got up to 55%. Sometimes you just need that.
- Mix up your macros as much as possible. A few days very low fat (below 20 %) then perhaps a few days very low carbs (below 40 %)
- lots of veggies and fruits.
- protein supplement for days you need that extra boost of protein (either as a recovery workout or to help you achieve your macro goal)
- healthy fats. Namely from peanuts, sunflower seeds, and olive oil.
- give up red meat. Forget it. Too much saturated fat. Make your own turkey burgers and eat plenty of skinless chicken.
- give up soda. It's liquid death in a can. Drink green tea and black tea, along with water every day. The occasional treat of a low calorie beer or wine perhaps. Coffee is OK, hot tea is good, and flavored bottled water is good if it's unsweetened.
- give up cakes, candy, cookies, pie, etc etc. If you really need a sweet treat once in a while, before your body doesn't crave this crap anymore, stick to a hard candy here and there ONLY.
- Don't shun whole grains and brown rice. Avoid white breads as much as possible. I have my turkey burger wedged between 2 slices of whole grain bread. Takes some gettin' used to, but once you're there it's way better than the classic 'burger'.
- cut back on your salt intake as much as possible
- take supplements to meet your micronutrients. Magnesium is critical for exercise performance, and calcium it appears is very important in weight loss.
- don't underestimate the importance of getting your RDA in potassium. It helps for weight loss on many levels. Need help meeting it? Let me know and I'll point you in the right direction.

If I've left anything off, I'll be sure to update this list.


I've had so much success with the above that I keep moving the goal post! The weight goal has been decreased 4 times now, going from 160, 154, 152, and now 147.

The goal keeps changing because the belly fat is being stubborn and since the weight is still coming off, I'm taking no prisoners.


This morning I got on the scale (been neglecting this on purpose lately) to find that I'm probably below 147 but entered today's weight at 148 (the weight I saw on the scale days ago).

I cheat on entering my weight. I don't enter a weight until I'm sure it's "locked in". In other words, if the scale reads 155 the morning after a really tough workout, I won't record it as 155 because of possible dehydration (even though I drink plenty of fluids). The next time the scale reads 154, at that point I'll record 155 as my weight. When I do the cardio, I work extra hard to make sure the weight is really "locked in".

This little head game seems to be working pretty well as the weight continues to come off.

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