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Default Feedback on the new FitDay


So I like the new FitDay but I have a few issues / comments:
  • The ads (in Firefox) sometimes pop up, covering the information I really want (without me mousing over or clicking on them - they seem to be misaligned).
  • My Diary entries seem to keep getting eaten, even though I've saved them.
  • It would be useful if the search worked inside Recent and Custom foods (I don't think it does?)
  • I've used other apps before and I really like yours, but it would be useful to be able to create custom meals as well as custom foods.
  • Some very basic things don't seem to be in your food database, which makes it difficult to record things accurately.
  • The new tabs and subtabs at the top are nice, but require a lot of clicking. Couldn't all the items be drop down menus instead of having to wait for the sub-tabs to load? This might not be as big an issue if the performance of the site (overall) was better.
  • Looks like you lengthened the timeout for logging me out automatically. Thank you!
  • The Calorie Budget vs. Calorie Goal vs. Net Calories is a bit confusing. Is Net Calories based on the Calorie Budget, or MY Calorie Goal?
  • Your Mobile version is very nice! Thank you!
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