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Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Not fond of using All Bran because of the HFCS in it. Kashi Go Lean has a ton of fiber so I may try something with that in it. I just did a batch of the usual but once they're gone, maybe I'll experiment.

You may want to check out "High Fiber" bars from Wallyworld, they are knockoffs of Fiber1 bars. The Oats & Peanut Butter that I eat have 9 grams of fiber per 150 calories, with 8 grams of sugars. Unfortunately, like most products today, it uses corn syrup.

I just checked the Kashi "GOLEAN Crunchy! Bars Chocolate Peanut" and it's 6 grams of fiber per 180 calories, with 13 grams sugars. Also, although it doesn't use syrup, it contains crystalline fructose.

Check this out about crystalline fructose:

what is crystalline fructose | The Golden Spiral

Here is another reason to avoid crystalline fructose…. arsenic. Yes. The processing of this molecule allows for acceptable levels of arsenic, heavy metals, lead and chloride...

...This is just another example of how the food industry and the corn industry have managed to get a toxic substance into the food you eat. As people get away from HFCS, there is something to easily replace it. And as people become more aware of CF, there will be another substitution.
I question Kashi's advertising on their website because of the crystalline fructose, which is not anymore 'natural" than the HFCS in Fiber1 bars:

We put lots of tasty ingredients in our bars, like sweet fruits, rich dark chocolate, and crunchy nuts. Plus, you get real nutrition, nothing artificial, and a feel-good snack.
I've "picked my poison" and I'm sticking with the Fiber1 bars right now. I only eat a few a week. But I'm looking to make my own fiber bars in the near future...
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