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Hey Tvlady, of course you can join this challenge! The more the merrier, we can all support each other Good for you for already being down 6 lbs! Once you start eating healthier/exercising the weight does seem to fall off quickly for some. The weight loss can definitely be hard, and intimidating. And it can be hard sometimes not getting down if the scale doesn't move in the direction you want it too. But that is where we all get to help each other out. Best of luck, and join us in posting about your journey!
Thanks, I'm glad to be here. I had a minor setback at least as far as exercising. I fell down a flight of steps Saturday night, I have a huge black and blue bruise on my hip. It doesn't hurt that bad, but since it is on my hip things like running and lunges and jumping might not be such a good idea. So I took the last two days off and I'm hoping to get back into my routine before the end of the week.
Size 6 Jeans I will see you by Spring

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