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Thumbs up Vito's list of High Potassium, High Fiber, Low Calorie SUPERFOODS

This list is the intersection of my other two lists

Fiber to Calories Consumed Ratios

as it combines both ratios and lists them in order. Any food on this list is a superstar in terms of being a high potassium, high fiber, low calorie food.

A banana is the cut off for both categories. Any food that is not equal to, or greater than a banana on the Potassium list (ratio of 4.02) or the Fiber list (ratio of 2.92) will not appear here.

This is a work in progress and will not be completed until the newly added Fiber list is completed. The Potassium list is completed as far as I can tell, but updates are always possible.

The numbers below represent the additive value of both ratios.

Vito's list of High Potassium, High Fiber, Low Calorie SUPERFOODS:

Beet Greens 51.46

Swiss Chard 37.95

Endive 36.71

Spinach 33.83

Bamboo Shoots 27.89

Zucchini 27.10

Bok Choy 27.07

Cress 22.38

V8 Juice (low sodium) 20.40

Tomatoes 19.84

Mushrooms 19.00

Brussels Sprouts 17.89

Broccoli 16.51

Carrots 14.63

Papaya 11.21

Strawberries 11.03

Kiwis 10.03

Sweet Potato 8.95

Banana 6.94

Think of food as fuel for the body instead of feeding emotions

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