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Originally Posted by waynegretzky View Post
Thanks everyone On Friday i was up to running 4 1minute runs with a couple minutes walk in between and not too bad. Tonight is run night again so i think i am going to add in a minute or two, see how it goes.

Welcome to the team Wayne - nice to see you posting again.

Yup, pretty much everyone starts barely able to run a block. Although I haven't done it the Couch to 5K program it gets raves from everyone, so definitly look into it.

I've been running for years. Even so, I have spells where I take a break for a variety of reasons. During that time I lose endurance and have to start rebuilding. One of my favorite techniques is to set up a running distance that I can't quite accomplish. Say, a 2 mile course. I'll run as far as I can then walk the rest. Then each time I go out I push it a little harder until I can run the whole distance. Once that's under the belt, I'll set a new longer course.
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