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Originally Posted by SHDenver View Post
I've been noticing this as well and you just have to realize that because it says "fat" doesn't mean it's all bad. Today I was jarred when I noticed 25% protein and 30% fat. However, this mainly comes from almonds I had eaten. If you're getting your fats from healthy sources then that's a good thing. I've heard in reading and on shows like "The Doctors" that your body uses fats to process certain nutrients, so an extremely low fat diet can actually harm you because you won't be getting the nutrients you need to function. If your fats coming from butter, then I'd worry, but if it's coming from a healthy source like olive oil or nuts, then just look at your calories in vs. calories out, your food log, and give yourself a break. I'm working on that with sugar right now, because for so long I've seen it as the ultimate enemy and this site is helping me to recognize it's really all about calories in vs. calories out. Goodluck to you!
(Just realized you wrote this last year, so probably already been answered or probably not an issue anymore ) Oh well, I'll still post it!
I think it's good to revive old discussions sometimes; we get lots of new folks with new ideas, so thanks, Shawn.

On the issue you brought up, I wholeheartedly agree. I was a veteran "dieter" for years and years and years and I never had success until last year in getting to my goal and keeping it off (with a few pounds variation up and down now and then). I did a couple things differently this time; one was actually incorporating healthy fats into my diet, whereas I had always gone lowfat before. Seriously, one of my family members who is also a serial dieter and I got into an argument about the PB2...I mentioned that for me, it defeats the purpose, because I eat peanut butter for the purpose of putting fat into my diet, so why take the fat out? But she's still fat-phobic, so, there you have it. She's also not real successful, and my personal belief, because I know she exercises and keeps calories well in check, is because her portions of fat and protein are minimal.

Well, that was probably way too much information and soapbox, but it is what it is. YMMV, so take it with a grain of salt. I like freshly ground peanut butter, Smart Balance, or Naturally More, which gives you a protein and fiber boost as well, and I believe extra healthy fats. But I totally hear y'all on the portion control, so if it's a danger food, for goodness sake, take steps to protect yourself!

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