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I think I can help here. The original poster was looking for a list of foods to avoid. This is my own personal list, you'll want to tweek it for yourself because every body is a little different. And I will admit that I do eat some of these things at special occasions, but I make it a point to think of them as "rare treats" rather than little "everyday slip ups".

1. White flour, and this includes anything made with it, bread, cake, desserts, cookies, rolls etc etc etc. I do eat things made with whole wheat and whole grains, but not before 2:00pm. I get pretty serious carb crash cravings so avoiding grain through the first half of the day keeps me from going into binge mode.

2. Modified corn starch and high fructose corn syrup. These foods are nutritionally worthless, unless your only goal in eating is to gain weight, and they are added to all kinds of processed foods so you have to read every label. I do occasionally eat corn starch and corn syrup in limited amounts, unless it's Thanksgiving or Christmas and I'm offered a piece of pecan pie.

3. Any cereal that contains more than 10g of sugar per serving.

4. Snack cakes, especially the chocolate coated ones, for me they are a big fat waste of calories and 1 always leads to 2, and 2 leads to the rest of the box. If I'm going to cheat and eat cake, it's going to be the homemade out of this world variety.

5. Any thing cooked in a deep fat fryer.

6. Liquid calories, pop, beer, alcohol, milk shakes, coffee creamer, energy drinks, etc etc etc. I stick with coffee, tea, almond milk, water, the occasional diet coke and/or flavored water, and every so often a bottle or 3 of light beer.

7. Any convenience food item sold at the checkout register or in a gas station, candy bars, gum, chips, etc etc etc. Most of these items are so bad for you its not funny. The only exceptions I make are for beef jerky, sugar-free gum, sugar-free mints, peanuts or protein bars, and even on those items it's very seldom that I'll get them.

8. Any food item where the first, second or third ingredient is "sugar". My only exception to this is frosting on a birthday cake, and I have to actually be at the birthday party and I always ask for a center piece, so that I don't get the big gob of frosting on the side. I love frosting, but then again so does my butt.

9. Any food item that is more than 400 calories per cup. Coffee creamer works out to like 560 calories per cup, so now I use almond milk instead (35 calories/cup).

10. Full fat ice cream. I love ice cream, but I've decided that it's in my best interest to only eat it for special occasions, and even then it has to be 130 calories/serving or less.

11. Peanut butter and Nutella. I actually eat peanut butter and Nutella, but they are problem/trigger foods for me, so my rule is that I have to workout for a minimum of 75 minutes in order to have peanut butter or Nutella. It also must be measured on a scale, because I can't be trusted to eyeball it, and it has to be put on something else because "on a spoon" always leads to "another spoonful".

Some people have sworn off other foods like potatoes, rice, anything you can spread on bread, but like I said you have to tweek the list for your own needs/wants/weaknesses. For example jam does not send me into a binge mode, my SIL will sit with a spoon and eat it straight from the jar until it's gone, so she can't keep it in her house. I have trouble if I get a whiff of peanut butter, so my kids know to put the lid on fast and tuck it in the far back end of the pantry cupboard.
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