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Originally Posted by VitoVino View Post
Mike, I know you workout. Do you have any opinions on not taking fish oil PRIOR to workouts?

I am led to believe that after a workout, you actually want insulin sensitivity by taking chromium, and with the added sensitivity it will aid your muscles in absorbing protein and carbohydrates when having the recovery meal (within 2 hours of a workout).

So it seems to me that fish oil *before* a workout would interfere with this recovery process.

I know that *after* 2 hours of a workout, THEN it's OK to take the fish oil.
I don't time my fish oil. I usually take it 1st thing in the morning, with all my other pills (glucosamin, vitamin, arginine). The only pill I time is magnesium, if I take it. That's always before bed when I do.
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