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Can I join this challenge. I need to lose 20lbs for a healthy BMI. I am already down 6lbs. Hoping to hit 175 in 3 months or less and ultimately hit 145-150. All of this weight loss has been intimidating, since until 2 years ago I had never been more than a size 8 at my heaviest. A week and a half ago I was 202, now I'm 196 no where near where I want to be but on the right track. I hope I can drop 10lbs by Christmas and another 10 before Valentine's Day.

1200-1600 calories
Carbs 35 to 45%

Exercise 6 days a week 40 to 60 minutes.
Insanity for cardio alternating with Strength/Running
Size 6 Jeans I will see you by Spring

Height 5'10
Starting Weight: 200.4
Current Weight: 198.2
Goal 1: 174 by Valentines Day (healthy BMI)
Goal 2: 145 by May 8 and back into all my clothes
Goal 3: Kick PCOS' Ass
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